Pronounced "Kur-ent" • Graphic Design Services for real people



Corporate Identity
• Logo Design
• Brand Development


Print Collateral
• Brochures
• Business Cards
• Catalogs
• Annual Reports
• Restaurant Menus
• Promo Prints
• Signage and Posters

Website Graphics
• Web Ads/Animations
• Social Media Graphics
• Website Editing


Large Scale Graphics
• Signage and Posters
• Tradeshow Booth Design
• Truck Wraps
• Billboards
• T-Shirt Design


Additional Areas
• Copy Writing
• Photo Editing
• Wedding/Event Print Design
• PR/Marketing

Clients Include
• Restaurants
• Real Estate
• Retail Shops
• Manufacturers
• Financial Institutions
• Law Enforcement
• Artisans
• Bloggers


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Jenny Kerr Schroen and Jill Kerr Tepe of Kerrent Design.

Jenny Kerr Schroen and Jill Kerr Tepe of Kerrent Design.

About Kerrent Design

The Kerrent Design team is comprised of creative sisters who have a passion for good design in every aspect of life. Both Jenny and Jill received their graphic design degrees from a nationally recognized design program at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Together, they have 30 years of professional graphic design experience. Their designs involve innovative techniques, dynamic typography, thoughtful layouts and cutting edge trends, as well as traditional sensibilities. Whether working as a team, on their own, as subcontractors or as account managers, Jenny and Jill can be counted upon to get the job done in a timely manner, with honesty, efficiency, synergy and a shared desire for their clients to succeed in every way.

Jenny Kerr Schroen lives in the Maryland peninsula with her family. Her hobbies include traveling, surfing and wakeboarding. 

Jill Kerr Tepe lives in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area with her family and spends her spare time planning dinner parties, reading wine books and traveling.